Uh-Oh: Google Music Negotiations Suddenly “Going Backwards…”

Google Play Music
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Blame Amazon, blame a million things.

But major label negotations with Google now appear to be moving in reverse. “There’s definitely a problem with the Google Music conversations,” a source told the Wall Street Journal, while also characterizing progress as “backwards.”

But why the problematic negotiations, exactly?  Unfortunately, that’s all the Journal was able to relay, leaving the rest to more hearsay and speculation.  Earlier, sources to Digital Music News pointed to a ready-to-launch product, save licensing from at least one major label (and likely more).  Since that time, most reports and leaks on Google Music have been negative, suggesting breakdowns, disagreements, and frustrations.

Then of course, there’s the Amazon factor – and the influence that may be having on both Google and Apple.  Amazon was rumored to be negotiating for ‘enhanced’ cloud licensing in New York this week, but that’s just gravy.  The extra licenses would include consolidating multiple copies of the same song into one, cloud-stored version, though Amazon made it abundantly clear that it is not seeking licenses for its current, more simple file duplication concept.

Stay tuned.