The Average Price for a Concert Ticket? $31.57

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For all the complaining, this doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

The concert ticket average of $31.57 was calculated using data published by Pollstar, which tracks prices across more than 1,200 active tours in North America – from more than 30,000 detailed box office reports.  Specifically, the average comes from 1,252 tours, across a timeframe that spans 12 months.

The range of prices was absolutely massive.  The cheapest ticket belongs to Mindelixir, whose entrance was a very modest $3.55.  On the high end, Paul McCartney is busy breaking banks with a $137.67 average admission price.

There are some limitations to the calculation.  One caveat is that this does not include add-on fees or secondary market premiums from sites like StubHub, which can sometimes push in-demand tickets into the stratosphere.  Also, this is an ‘average of averages’ for each artist tour, and not weighted against absolute attendance.  Thirdly, festival tickets – including $300 admissions for mega – events like Coachella – are not factored.

On the extremes, here are the top 10 most expensive shows (Bon Jovi actually comes in at 13, with an average price of $94.50).

$137.67: Paul McCartney
$130.38: Cher
$125.71: Roger Waters
$121.71: Van Morrison
$115.43: Neil Young
$110.64: Rod Stewart
$107.62: Stevie Nicks
$107.59: Shen Yun Performing Arts
$107.25: Lady Gaga
$104.15: Eagles

And, here are the cheapest 10…

$3.55: Mindelixir
$5.05: Blue Finger Disco
$5.18: LC Rocks
$5.26: M-80’s
$6.70: Le Freak – 70’S Tribute
$7.03: Suede
$7.29: Still Rings True
$7.52: The Hood Internet
$7.53: Man, The Reformer
$7.58: Uncle Lucius