Excuse Me, Is That a Music Blog In Your Pocket?

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Some people have been waiting years for this. And now, Hype Machine has an iPhone app that promises to ‘turn music blogs into radio stations.’

Hype Machine Radio ($3) allows users to sort through tracked stations by genre, popularity, or recently-added songs. Or, you can listen to a HypeM-curated station, and relinquish control to the app.

Yeah, HypeM took a long time to cook this bird.  But there’s still a niche here.  Instead of curated genres or Pandora genoming, Hype Machine’s app starts with its tracked blogs.  So, that’s perfect for those looking for bubbling-and-trendy stuff, including a lot of great remixes.

Anyway, some of the typical streaming rules apply.  For example, users can play, pause, and skip through songs, but they cannot listen on-demand.

Early reviews seem positive, with some complaints.  One user felt the app’s functionality actually came too close to Pandora, while another had trouble navigating the selection. “I hope they decide to implement a search feature instead of having users wade through stuff they don’t want to listen to,” user badish_ak wrote.  The average rating on Wednesday morning – from a small early sample – was 4 stars, with a significant number of 5 stars votes.