Every Album, Single, Download, Spin, & Stream In 2011

The following is a detailed count of music transactions and plays in the United States, specifically between the dates of January 3rd and May 1st of this year.

That includes albums (physical and digital), paid downloads (sorry, no P2P), on-demand and non-interactive stream, and traditional radio spins.

The tally was presented by Nielsen at the NARM conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and includes data from Yahoo, AOL, Napster, Rhapsody, Slacker, MediaNet, Guvera, Thumbplay, Vevo, Akoo, and others, with CD and download data from Soundscan.

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In terms of year-over-year comparisons (for the same time period), song downloads are actually up 8 percent.  In 2010 overall, that increase was just 1 percent.  And, here’s more year-over-year data on the album side.

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10 Responses

  1. @the_skyscraper

    Brent Stiefel

    interesting music data. the tides continue to shift.

  2. @trevorkelley

    Trevor Kelley

    A reality check: How many videos were played on TV so far in 2011? 260,000. How many were played online? 1.4 BILLION

  3. @Repojay

    Jay Frank

    If Nielsen data from NARM is correct, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” accounts for 8% of all music vid streams this year!


  4. @MusicBizStudent

    Jeff Benjamin

    Do you think digital albums are up so much because of how cheap they’re becoming like w/ Amazonmp3’s $5 albums?

  5. @Mrone50one

    Mr. one50one

    “And That’s The Way It Is”