Wow: Wax Revenues Have Grown 455% In Just Five Years

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Sure, this is still a small piece of overall recording sales in the US, but we keep seeing astonishing growth data on vinyl.

The latest, sourced from RIAA retail revenue data obtained this week, shows a near-fivefold revenue increase in vinyl over a five-year period.

Specifically, 2010 receipts – after returns – were $87.0 million, compared to $15.7 million in 2006.   And, keep in mind, this also counts indie-focused distributors, owned by major label groups.  Which makes sense, because indies are driving a lot of this action.  Here’s the breakdown, in both units and revenues (in millions, all net post-returns).

*2006: 0.9 million units; $15.7 million revenue
*2007: 1.3 million units; $22.9 million
*2008: 2.9 million units; $56.7 million
*2009: 3.2 million units; $60.2 million
*2010: 4.0 million units; $87.2 million