The 10 Most Expensive Concert Tickets In America

These are the most expensive concert tickets in North America right now, according to industry authority Pollstar.

The price is averaged over the past twelve months – and it doesn’t even include add-on fees or secondary ticketing premiums.

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16 Responses

  1. @coreythrace

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

    Week 2 Lady Gaga sales plummeted 84%; the average cost of a Gaga concert ticket is $100+

  2. Broadway


    It would be interesting to add some broadway shows in here. They cannot be a direct comparison since musicals run daily for years and are more expensive in theater of 1,000+ capacity but it makes me wonder how low would prices of music acts would go if they were to perform on a daily basis a la broadway.

  3. Vail, CO

    Concerts are priced this way for a reason, but don’t then complain that people only go to one concert a year! But I wonder if concerts were treated like movies would fan behavior change, or is this a giraffe and that’s a monkey?

  4. webwebster

    The funniest thing about this list? Only Lady Gaga is under 45 (Shen Yun is over 1000). And the rest? Over 60 years old. Who is the flipping audience for these acts? They belong in Vegas, wearing skintight jumpsuits over their bulging paunches, being hit with size 20 panties. I go to shows that are never more than 20 dollars, and the performers are vibrant, excited by music and experimenting with the outer edges of the envelope. These zombie parades are b.s.

  5. webwebster

    The concerts I go to, by young artists, are treated like movies. And I go at least twice a month.

  6. @theloganshow

    These are just the face value prices – fees not included.

  7. @Butrphli

    Only seen 2 but 1’s in the top 3. Not a total fail.