Grooveshark Confirms a Major Shift Towards Artist Development

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This goes way beyond a recent pair of development-focused partnerships.

Because Grooveshark is now dramatically shifting its model towards artist development and growth, according to information confirmed by company CEO Sam Tarantino. “Our big focus is really around artists, that’s the main thing that separates us,” Tarantino told Bloomberg.  “We’re a big believer in breaking artists as a platform, so that’s where we’re putting all of our attention right now.”

The earlier tie-ups, specifically with Rocket Science and Indaba Music, are all about growing lesser-known artists.  But these aren’t side projects: instead, Tarantino seems to envision new artist growth as a much bigger revenue driver than advertising and subscription streams.

Advertising and subscription are “low-margin and fine” in Tarantino’s estimations, though not expansive and game-changing.  “Ultimately we see the big core of this business as artist development,” Tarantino underscored.  That includes signing deals, representing rights, and “actually growing the business” for bands like Austin-based Quiet Company.

Which of course sounds wildly ambitious, yet Grooveshark owes its immense popularity to content that has already been developed.  Of course, that’s not discovery, and the question is whether Grooveshark can effectively change its own consumer culture – and monetize the shift in the process.