Just 3.5 Percent of iPad Apps Are Music-Focused

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There are 2,463 iPad Music apps on the paid side, and 991 on the free, according to the iTunes Store.

That’s a seemingly-healthy total of 3,454 apps, yet the broader iPad total recently crossed 100,000, according to the latest tally from MacStories (others, like Appshopper, peg the total closer to 108,000). All of which puts music-focused apps at barely 3.5 percent of the total, at best.

So, is that low, high, just right? Compare the number of, let’s say, Business iPad apps, and some perspective creeps in.  That number is 4,010 (1,486 on the paid side, 2,524 on the free side), also according to the iTunes Store, while Photography apps total 2,296 (1,654 on the paid side, 642 on the free).

In other words, this is a highly-diversified platform, not a music sandbox like the ‘iTunes Music Store’ of long ago.  But it’s also a place to make money: consider that 71.2 percent of iPad music apps are paid, with some apps like ‘On the Way to Woodstock’ clearing ransoms like $9.99.  And that was a chart-topping app for several weeks, while others are pushing past $20 (or higher).

So how does this all compare to the iPhone?  We’ve heard a whisper estimate of 400,000 total iPhone apps, though Appshopper pegs the total at 378,452.  Of that, music-focused apps total 15,916, or about 4.2 percent of the total.  Perhaps more telling is a far different free-to-paid ratio: there are 7,269 iPhone music apps on the paid side, and 8,647 on the free side.