Spotify Announces Its US Arrival

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Spotify is coming to the US, according to an official announcement issued by the company.

Spotify has posted a US landing page, and is collecting emails for its initial rollout. The rest, including a specific launch date, remains uncertain, though the announcement suggests a Warner Music Group deal has indeed been completed.

This could be a very splashy US-based arrival, thanks in part to Facebook.  On top of that, a $100 million-plus war-chest always helps to spread the word.  But this could disappoint freebie-loving fans, as sources are already pointing to a more crippled version than the European app.  That includes even greater limitations on the number of free tracks offered per month, though the US-based catalog appears to be robust at this point.

And for now, Spotify is keeping things really, really simple.  “Any track, anytime, anywhere.  And it’s free!”

Or, something like that.