Kickstarter Now Has 10,388 Successful Projects. And 3,110 Are Music-Related

Kickstarter is now celebrating its 10,000th successfully-funded project – and 3,110 of them are music-related.

In fact, music is the most successful category, just barely edging out film and television.

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So, jump right in and get some cash?  Not so fast: it turns out that 13,113 projects were failures, and never met their funding goals (a 44 percent success rate).  And, this can be a tricky terrain – just ask someone who successfully did it.

And, if you’re looking for a blockbuster level of funding, Kickstarter may not be the best place.

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8 Responses

  1. A Thought

    These are the kind of things people should be investing in if they want to invest in the music biz. That is devoloping/supporting the artists instead of taking money ect away from them as so many internet companies are now doing.

  2. MalcolmG

    What’s worse is that it’s the same tired, dated indie rock, vinyl, seven inches and other hipster fare that’s going nowhere. Their hipster editorial bias further taints the film catagory, so as a disclaimer, if you’re not part of that pseudo Brooklyn Heights nonsense (they’re actually on the other side of the bridge on the LES) then don’t bother posting a project here.

    Like all tech companies, they’re exploiting people with fan bases, where farming your friends for donations and “members” to prop up their valuation is their only objective.

    • Patrick McGinn

      Perfect example of how important Kickstarter is to digital music startups: GoRankem (first startup to sucessfully complete Kickstarter funding). Can’t believe they are already to 10,000. Well done.

  3. @digisingle

    Congrats Kickstarter! So many successful music projects