How Can You Help? Post-Disaster, Community Starts Rallying

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Just hours after a critical warehouse was burned by rioters in London, community efforts already started mobilizing.

Most inventory was either stolen or destroyed from the Sony DADC facility, also used by a number of indies.  Of course, the timing – for everyone, not just smaller indies – could not have been worse.

But how can you help?

Glad you asked: a new project called LabelLove has already been constructed, though this is obviously very early-stage and we’re just learning about the participants involved (email them at  “Our aim is to try and rally the music industry, both on the artist and the audience sides, and see if we can raise some money to see those affected through the tough times ahead,” the site explains (follow them @_label_love_).

Meanwhile, more information about the damage is starting to emerge.  The BBC has posted considerable footage on the destruction, and a full list of affected PIAS labels is also being circulated.  Separately, the Guardian notes that Drowned In Sound founder Sean Adams has compiled a list of all affected artists.

Please share whatever information you have, including assistance efforts and whatever details of damage that might be helpful.