What Touring Musicians Really Care About

What do artists really care about when it comes to venues?

As part of our broader partnership, Digital Music News teamed up with ReverbNation to ask musicians that very question.  And, we found that things like money, reputation, and capacity fell far below attributes like venue quality and relationships with the owners or promoters.

Quality: 23.91%
(Acoustics, sound system, cleanliness, fan engagement potential, etc.)

Friendliness: 21.46%
(Relationship with promoter or venue operator.)

Money: 17.86%
(Guaranteed or potential earnings from the gig.)

Reputation: 16.42%
(Reputation of the venue.)

Availability: 11.54%
(Is a specific date available? Is any suitable date available?)

Capacity: 8.8%

Touring bands play an average of 34 shows a year.