Vimeo Is Now Launching a Music Store

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Vimeo is now launching a dedicated music licensing section for its users, according to details now leaking to Digital Music News.

The ‘Vimeo Music Store,’ slated for a formal announcement Wednesday morning, will contain thousands of pre-licensed, legit tracks for video producers to employ as soundtracks.  That will make it even easier for the higher-end Vimeo crowd to properly license their visual audio – and compensate creators accordingly.

It looks like producers will have to pay for some of this content, though other soundtracks will be available via Creative Commons licensing.  Powering the backend will be Audiosocket, whose ‘MaaS’ platform (which stands for ‘Music as a Service’) will deliver about 33,000 film-ready tracks. “This is big for artists – the exposure via Vimeo to the filmmaking community is huge,” an Audiosocket executive relayed.  “This also sets up indie filmmakers to finally tackle one of the greatest challenges out there: to make music licensing easy, accessible, and affordable.”

It’s a potentially game-changing commercial deployment for Audiosocket, and a nice in-house move for Vimeo.  More details as they become available.