How Spotify Is Saving Artists, by Daniel Ek

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This following was stated by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek in a panel discussion at
Facebook’s f8 Developer Conference.

It immediately followed the
announcement of Spotify’s featured integration into the new,
OpenGraph-powered Facebook upgrade.


Moderator Question: “When you look out five years with Spotify and with the
music industry Daniel, what do you think is going to be the most
interesting thing emerging?”

Daniel Ek: “Well, the most interesting thing really – as I already pointed
out – more than half-a-billion people consume music now online.  What we
want to do is move them back to a legal way of consuming music.

“Our belief really is that the music industry – if we put all those people
together and we make them more engaged with music – we’re going to get them
to pay for music again, and that’s ultimately going to lead to a world
where artists are going to create even more brilliant music and experiment
more, because they’ll have the time.

“What really destroys me today is that back in the old days – not that I
was around – but you heard all these great stories of people that could
spend a year or two in the studio, and they could afford to bring these 50
or 100… bands, orchestras… to record it.  These days, we don’t have
that luxury.

“What I hope to do is to create this platform for music where people can
enjoy it and engage with it, and that in turn will lead to the artist
making more money.  And by doing that, it will create more interesting
music for us to listen to.

“So, I think that it’s an ecosystem and that it goes around.  And that’s my
hope and belief for the future.”