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Grooveshark Director of Content Acquisition Aaron Ford is now leaving the company, according to details shared with Digital Music News.

We thought Ford had VP stripes, but that was quickly ‘downgraded’… “Like many start-ups, Grooveshark is sometimes loose with titles for lower level employees,” Grooveshark general counsel Marshall Custer corrected.

Guess everyone’s happy with the recent iHeartRadio mega-concert in Vegas.  Now, Bob Pittman has been named CEO of Clear Channel parent company, CC Media Holdings Inc.

NARM has just named ex-Billboarder Antony Bruno as Community Manager for

And, NPR now has a replacement for Vivian Schiller, who was controversially booted a few months back. Gary E. Knell, the longtime president and CEO of Sesame Workshop, now assumes CEO stripes.

The Future of Music Coalition’s Policy Summit is happening right now in Washington.

AFTRA is now threatening to strike against major labels, based on deteriorating sound recording negotiations.  This covers backup singers, session performers, announcers, and even comedians on recordings.  “Professional union talent must stand together and organize themselves through their union so that together they can secure strong contracts,” said AFTRA National Executive Director Kim Roberts Hedgpeth.

A federal judge will not impose an injunction against Facebook’s Timeline feature, but an infringement claim from Chicago-based Timelines remains a serious threat.