We Asked Rhapsody What They Pay Artists. And This Is What They Said

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It started with a simple question. But this is the email thread I had with Rhapsody on Tuesday morning, starting about 10am Pacific

Digital Music News (Paul): How much does Rhapsody pay artists per stream?  On any song?

Rhapsody (Jaimee Steele, Senior Director, Public Relations):

Hey, Paul –

Anything else you need? The secret formula for Coca-Cola? Colonel Sanders’ blend of 11 herbs and spices?

Kidding aside, we can’t disclose this, based on the terms of our agreements with the labels.


Digital Music News: Okay, so there is not one uniform rate, it varies depending on artist, label deal, etc.?

Rhapsody (Jaimee Steele): Working on this.

Digital Music News: Okay, thanks.

Rhapsody (Jaimee Steele):

Here’s what I can tell you:

We don’t believe that any of the services pay artists directly. While we can’t disclose details, we can confirm that yes, the per play rate we pay to labels (and publishers) varies depending on the nature of the stream (tier) and the details of the governing license agreements.

That said, we have a per play rate that is substantially higher than what we understand the ad-supported and other “free” services pay the same licensors.

I hope this helps!


Digital Music News: So, what is the range that a stream gets, regardless of who exactly it is paid to?

Rhapsody (Jaimee Steele):

Hey, Paul –

I have given you what I can. I wish I could help you more!