There’s a New ‘Music Guy’ at Google

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If you’re building a massive, cloud-enabled music service, it might be helpful to contact someone with eight years of cloud-enabled, on-demand experience.

Especially someone with extensive experience dealing with major labels.

And with that, now ex-Rhapsody executive David Krinsky is indeed going to Google, as confirmed by Digital Music News last night.  Krinsky was General Manager of Label Relations and Business Development at Rhapsody, and has been working with labels at RealNetworks in some capacity since 2003.  Over that span, Rhapsody underwent a few ownership changes, with RealNetworks the most prominent throughout.

The shift of employer was first hinted in a farewell email that that landed in our in-box.

But what will Krinsky be doing, exactly? “Unfortunately, I can’t say exactly at the moment, but I will when I can,” Krinsky told us, so it’s anyone’s guess.  Obviously, we’re putting our bets on Google Music, currently a beta-stage service that lacks major label licensing.  That is, unlike Apple’s very pregnant iTunes Match-enabled iCloud, which not only has big-label licensing but is expected to launch any day now.

The question is whether Google moves in the same licensing direction.  Earlier, Google – along with Amazon – opted to forego major label licenses for its cloud-enabled launch, a move that introduced a few feature shortfalls.  But a federal judge has since offered an extremely cloud-friendly decision, raising the question of whether Google decides to pay for major label blessings. The presence of Krinsky suggests some sort of conversation, though we’ll have to see.