Spotify Just Crossed a Quarter Million Subscribers In the US

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That is, paying subscribers, not just ‘users’.

The latest estimate comes from Reuters, which is citing several sources on the accomplishment. The quarter-million, US-based figure puts the broader subscriber total “well north” of two million worldwide, and closely follows the splashy Facebook integration.

That’s been a massive stage for Spotify, though the integration is a bit rough around the edges.  Regardless, it appears to be building awareness and converting subscribers, though we’re unclear which tier (Unlimited at $4.99 or Premium at $9.99) is getting the most traction.

Either way, a quarter-million is certainly substantial, especially after just a few months on American soil.  But it still pales in comparison to Rhapsody, whose subscriber tally is comfortably past one million following its Napster acquisition.  Ah, but that’s where momentum comes in: Rhapsody has been languishing in this market for roughly a decade (depending on where you draw the line), and its subscriber acquisition process has been grindingly slow and expensive.

Spotify has experienced a quicker shuttle towards critical mass, though its cost structure is positively scary.  Recently-divulged financial statements exposed astronomical licensing and administrative costs, though the big bet is that aggressive subscriber rolls will make the model float.  Let’s see how that works out.