Amy Winehouse Died With 5 Times the Legal Alcohol Limit In Her System

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Initial reports said Amy Winehouse died without any drugs in her system.

But that depends on what you call ‘drugs’. According to a coroner’s report issued Wednesday, Winehouse died with 5 times the legal alcohol limit in her system, an amount simply unthinkable to most.  The legal limit is most commonly associated with tests for drunk driving.

Winehouse had quite the pick of poisons, but basic booze dealt the final blow. And this was a gruesome example of acute alcohol poisoning, or “death by misadventure” according to official papers. “The unintended consequence of such potentially fatal levels [of alcohol] was her sudden and unexpected death,” coroner Suzanne Greenaway relayed.

Which is stunning, considering how difficult it is to actually kill yourself with alcohol – at least without some external incident. Winehouse died in the early hours of July 23rd in her London flat, and police found vodka bottles scattered about.  But Winehouse was apparently trying to kick the habit, and even taking medication to manage abstinence withdrawals.  The autopsy showed that this medication – called ‘librium’ – played no role in the death.