Hello Detroit! Nickelback Determined to Play Lions Halftime Show

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Despite an onslaught of protests from Detroit Lions fans, Nickelback has absolutely no plans to cancel its upcoming, Thanksgiving Day halftime performance.

Sources inside the Nickelback camp told Digital Music News that the band is more determined than ever to perform, despite nearly 50,000 protests on change.org (and counting).  “The petition has just fired up [lead singer] Chad [Kroeger] and gang even more to rock the crowd harder,” one source working with the band shared.

That said, it’s been accepted that Ford Field – the home for the hardscrabble Lions – could prove an incredibly inhospitable venue.  In fact, Nickelback is almost guaranteed to be barraged with boos and the occasional hurled object, at best.  Perhaps the Thanksgiving moment will soften some of that venom, though alcohol certainly twists the dial in the other direction.

The question is whether Nickelback – a group pampered over the years by fat paychecks and cushy jet planes – can handle that level of hardscrabbleness.  In an earlier episode involving a hostile crowd in Portugal, Kroeger and bandmates famously marched off the stage after an object met its intended target: Chad’s head.

Sounds like the perfect setup for a macho test of wills.  If Nickelback cuts their set short, Lions fans will have all the validation they need that the band is a troupe of woosies.  But one source sees an opportunity to convert the haters.  “I’ve taking several haters/non-fans to their shows only to have them walk out maybe not new fans but appreciating what they just saw as one of the best rock shows today,” the source continued.