Enjoy This Playable Map of Colombia

This sort of thing would have been difficult and expensive until recently.

But thanks to off-the-shelf, easy-to-use tools from ThingLink and Soundcloud, Soundway Records was able to create this playable map of Colombia.  It helps to feature the Soundway catalog, both audio and video.

Enjoy, and head over to Soundway to learn more about the featured music.

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5 Responses

  1. @iad2la


    oooh shiny

    already have a list of about 20 places I want this for

  2. Yangaroo DMDS

    Great page! As the leading digital delivery solution to broadcast music on radio and television, we must say: This is super cool!

    We’ll be sharing this page in our Facebook, Myspace and Twitter very soon. Check us online and stay tune so you can help us to re-share and re-tweet this awesome playable 😉

    A proposito ¿y que dicen los Colombianos? Seguro deben estar orgullosos de esta maravillosa musica!