Occupy: The Movement Finally Has a Soundtrack

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This wasn’t a problem back in the 60s and 70s.

But here in the 2010s, the movement has always lacked that all-important soundtrack.  There just isn’t that wellspring of musical protest, and there don’t seem to be any important, protest songs to capture the Occupy emotions.

Perhaps that will change will Occupy This Album, a collection of Occupy songs with contributions from Jackson Browne, Stephen Jenkins of Third Eye Blind, Crosby & Nash, Lucinda Williams, and Toots and the Maytals, among others.

We’ve already heard one freshly-written track from Jackson Browne, who performed at Zucotti Park on Thursday.  Here’s another from Third Eye Blind.

Sounds like something this movement desperately needs, but why aren’t more musicians writing serious songs of protest these days?  Unlike the 60s, music can now be uploaded to millions of listeners overnight, and millions of artists are now online and active.  “It’s hard to write songs about issues,” Browne told RollingStone, perhaps just scratching the surface of the problem.

The album is being coordinated by Music for Occupy, though we’re not sure of the final tracklisting or release date (it’s loosely a winter launch).  Sales will help to benefit various Occupy efforts; stay tuned for more details.