Google Search Traffic for ‘Skrillex,’ May 2010 − Present

In 2007, Sonny Moore ditched his emo-screamo band and started a solo career, eventually adopting the moniker ‘Skrillex’.

That was a good move…

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The left axis is Google’s search volume index, with scaling fixed to the starting point (more on that methodology here).  There are definitely some nice milestones in this quick shot upward, though the ascendency has actually been fairly smooth (a good sign).  That includes a recent performance at Coachella (April), and a growing number of articles from major publications like the Guardian.

Actually, Skrillex’s recent 5 Grammy nominations isn’t even factored into this graph, due to a multi-day delay in traffic data.


4 Responses

  1. cramerbob

    for anyone that’s not only heard, but “experienced” skrillex, you know why interest in his work is rocketing.

    i’ve seen him at sxsw, and many other shows recently — and I don’t know anyone that’s been to a show of his that isn’t a true “convert”.

    he JUST got 5 grammy nominations – hope he stay’s true to his art

    • Utter_Noise

      I’ve been a lover of all electronic for many years and I can safely say I would never got to ‘experience’ this bellend’s music if you paid me. Its the worst noise i have ever heard and is contributing to the rape of the original Dubstep sound like no other. His pink noise really f*cks with my brown noise! NOPENOPENOPE!

      • Jumpy the Shark

        I always find it amazing how the tail end of a microgenre can finally get over on the mainstream…especially in the US.

        Though, at this point the worst thing that’s come out of Skrillex is KORN announcing that they birthed dubstep.

        It’s like Slayer saying they originated Drum N Bass.

  2. balbers

    Dubstep is the new electroclash.

    Remember when it was a big deal when Spin magazine put some unsigned electroclash band on their cover? Remember the name of that band? No? Me neither.