Black Keys First-Week Album Sales: 207,086

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These are the first-week sales numbers for El Camino, according to Nielsen Soundscan stats.

The preliminary figures were shared with Digital Music News on Wednesday morning by a label executive.  The album was first released on December 6th.

Total sales, US: 207,086

Total Album Downloads: 113,780

Total LP (vinyl): 8,841

The total is nearly triple the first-week performance of the band’s previous release, Brothers, which sold roughly 73,000 in its debut period.  That album, released in March of 2010, is the most successful for the band to date.  It has since gone gold in the US (500,000 units) and is currently approaching 900,000 cumulative sales.

On El Camino, both downloads and vinyl sales are subsets of the broader 207,086 grand total.  Downloads were available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and the band’s website.