Big Deal? iTunes, Rdio, & MOG All Beat Spotify On Radiohead’s Latest

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Radiohead’s latest release was missing on Spotify until early this (Wednesday) morning, and iTunes had it on Monday.

But despite Radiohead’s penchant for windowing, this doesn’t seem like a calculated delay, according to details shared with Digital Music News.

But why the two-day lag?  This could be a tiny window for a tiny release, but a Spotify executive told Digital Music News that this was merely an ingestion delay.  In fact, the company had both songs in its possession on Tuesday, though a backlog (of roughly 20,000 tracks daily) pushed the live date.

Of course, try telling that to a Radiohead superfan, who undoubtedly grabbed this on day one – from iTunes or somewhere else.  And other streaming services had the songs on Tuesday, including Rdio and MOG.  Seems like a big deal to those that cared, but ultimately a short-lived advantage.

But what happens when the real thing – ie, the next, full-blown album –  appears?  Then, Radiohead is likely to trigger some serious windowing, just like before.

But for now, this seems like a low-key pair of tracks dialed more towards the die-hard.  It’s packaged as a digital ‘A’ and ‘B’ side, with “The Daily Mail” on one and “Staircase” on the other.  Both are taken from The King Of Limbs: From The Basement, a studio performance video previously released on DVD and Blu-ray.

And on the earlier audio release, King of Limbs, Radiohead did orchestrate a complicated windowing strategy.  That is, first as a download, then CD/LP, then digital distribution and streaming.  This latest song releases are merely an echo of that earlier project.