Mogees Turns Any Surface Into a Music-Making Interface

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This isn’t quite Minority Report, but it’s getting there.

It’s Mogees, a gesture-detecting, portable microphone processor that turns any surface into a music-making interface.

Mogees stands for “mosaicing gestural surfaces,” and it detects specific gesture vibrations and then maps them to pre-defined sounds.  This works across an impressive range of surfaces, including glass, mirrors, trees, and even balloons.

Mogees detects both gestures like fingertaps and sounds emited from objects like coins.  The concept was created by a European research team that includes Bruno Zamborlin, who is studying various gesture-based interactions and their implications for musical creation.

That includes the creation of entirely new instruments, and this is a field of study that goes way beyond music.  After all, why should actions and commands necessarily be directly connected to the device, laptop, or instrument itself?

This raises an entirely new range of interaction possibilities, though the broader practical applications are anyone’s guess.  Perhaps this field includes answering a phone through nearby gestures instead of the device itself – or, just as easily dumping it into voicemail with a slightly different movement.