The RIAA Says, ‘Accept No SOPA Substitutes!’

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What’s wrong with SOPA, anyway?

Nothing, according to the RIAA, which has firmly rejected a proposed alternative to the bill designed to address due process issues.  Among other shifts, the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade (OPEN) Act would shift oversight of infringing site policing (and shutdowns) from the US Department of Justice to the International Trade Commission, a move the RIAA says creates too many delays and doesn’t make sense.

The following statement on the matter is from Mitch Glazier, Senior EVP at the RIAA.

“The US International Trade Commission (ITC) recently reported that it will delay ruling on an important patent infringement claim brought by well-known camera company Kodak against smartphone makers Apple and Research In Motion (RIM).  The case, originally filed in January 2010, now anticipates a ruling in September 2012. The delay now means that the ITC will have taken 33 months to decide on a high-stakes and time-sensitive issue.  So this is the ‘expedited’ process SOPA opponents are embracing as an alternative in the proposed OPEN bill?

SOPA was introduced to address the devastating and immediate impact of foreign rogue sites dealing in infringing and counterfeiting works and products.  Every day that these sites operate without recourse can mean millions of dollars lost to American companies, employees, and economy, and an ongoing threat to the security and safety of our citizens.  Why in the world would we shift enforcement against these sites from the Department of Justice and others who are well-versed in these issues to the ITC, which focuses on patents and clearly does not operate on the short time frame necessary to be effective? In addition, the remedy traditionally offered by the ITC – an exclusion order to prevent foreign criminals from accessing the US market – is precluded under the OPEN Act.

More proof why the OPEN Act is not a meaningful solution to a serious problem.

Mitch Glazier
Senior Executive Vice President, RIAA”