Want Something Different to Sell at Shows? Try 8-Tracks

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This is probably the closest we’ll ever see to an 8-track comeback.

It’s ‘Killer 8-tracks,’ essentially a 4GB portable storage drive disguised in a very real looking 8-track case.  The retro novelty comes from Torrence, CA-based Oglio Entertainment Group.

The best part is that you can actually plug this ‘Killer 8-track’ into something, and they accommodate more 2012-style metadata like images, videos, and PDF booklets, plus extras like apps, games, and links to webpages.

The first run is a 4GB version.  Oglio also lets bands custom-create their faux-8-tracks with their own cover-art and tracklistings for an additional fee.

> We’re giving five ‘Killer 8-tracks’ away! Just drop a comment on this story with a registered username, and we’ll randomly select the winners in a few days.