And Now, Your 2012 Coachella Lineup…

This is now a two-weekend affair, with each weekend carrying the same lineup but a totally separate ticket.  Once again, you must grab a three-day pass, and remaining tickets are retailing for $285 starting Friday (pre-sales started shortly after the 2011 event).

11 Responses

  1. gaetano

    This is kind of weird for the bands booking/ tour routing wise.
    I feel bad for the ones who either had to stay in town for a week or book around that mess.
    The touring parties for some of these acts are huge, that gets expensive. I guess double dipping the fee helps ease that.
    Still weird logistically though.

    • Me

      What do you mean? There are plenty of places for bands to play in beteween the 2 weekends… L.A., Pomona, Palm Springs, even San Diego.

      • gaetano

        Yeah, it looks easy enough on paper,
        But if you’re an agent (or a band or manager) and you’re in the midst of booking a multi city, multi nation tour all within an album cycle this is just a potential pain in the ass. The amount of work that goes into making it all work would make your head spin…especially with the larger acts.
        One other thing to consider. Once you’re booked, there’s a non-compete and you’re not allowed to play in the area before you play the festival, so now you can’t play the week before the first weekend, and between…and even if you could there are only so many venues for so many bands.
        Obviously, it wasn’t enough of an issue to deter these acts..

  2. @JamesHCherry

    I’m officially launching #GetJamesToCoachella2012 either weekend will be fine.

  3. @OwensWilson

    The Coachella lineup looks pretty incredible. Hope the other festivals follow suit.