Top Universal Exec: SOPA Has Been “Wildly Mischaracterized In the Media…”

Universal Music Group is now stumping for SOPA support ahead of important votes on the highly-controversial bill.

This industry mass-mailing was sent by Universal Music Group Distribution CEO Jim Urie last night.

“Dear _______,

We need your help – please take a minute and act now. Legislation is pending in Congress that would address foreign websites engaged in piracy and counterfeiting but it has been wildly mischaracterized in the media and blogosphere. The hyperbole has caused a lot of people to contact Congress in opposition to bills that have, in reality, been carefully balanced to ensure that we help bring law and order to the Internet without jeopardizing the communications tool that is vital to all our lives and livelihoods.

Your overwhelming response to my earlier emails helped kick-off this legislative effort. Now, the issue is at a fever pitch. Even if you sent an e-mail in support of this legislation before, it’s time to do so AGAIN.

Please click HERE to send an e-mail to Congress asking them to support this important legislation. It only takes a moment but makes a big difference – just enter your home address and click “send.”

Jim Urie

P.S. – To learn more about this issue and the legislation under consideration, please visit or

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16 Responses

  1. Maxwellian

    Urie’s right. There’s too much paranoia about this bill except that it’s rooted in paranoia about the government. NO trust means NO bill

  2. statusQuo

    I DO NOT support SOPA. This is strictly CONTROL THE INTERNET MOVE by the major labels and a few Hollywood movie studios. The total music/movie business is only worth $85 billion – joke. The wall street execs took $125 billion in pay bonuses alone this year – laughable.

    SOPA is totally bogus. All of my bands music is available on all the pirate sites and still our downloads are booming $$$$

    The potential for the creative community within the current internet model is incredible. Business will improve for Hollywood when they start making better movies than HBO.

    • Concerned

      You’re stealing. Why are you justifing your theft of intellectual property by saying that the industry makes enough money? You have to realize that that is a simplistic view. What about small and mid-range artists and actors that are hurt by your inability to tell right from wrong? Or the fact that the home entertainment industry used to be able to support the movie making/theatrical industry and is now struggling just as badly. If you want music, buy it. If you want a movie, buy it. It not being up to your standards does not give you the right to steal it. And by the way, people are stealing he HBO programming as well.

  3. Snark E.

    Dear Digital Music News:

    Thanks for expanding my distro on this one by about 100 X.


    Jim Urie

      • Barftastic

        I’m glad it’s posted. It’s so important for the world to understand what is on the minds of major music executives these days– advocating for restrictive government legislation instead of innovation and customer satisfaction. The email is a fabulous way to alienate young people who are interested in the future of the industry, as well as the tech community- which the old guard desperately needs on their side.

        It’s just another sign indicating the changing of the guard.

  4. No Kidding

    Google and other technology companies are making a killing off of pirated content. Hence why Google and others are pouring $M into opposing the legislation.

    I wish the anti-SOPA guys were as vociferous in condeming Google’s expansion of Net “Neutrality”that would suddenly empower the federal government to micromanage Internet service. Of course, Google stands to gain enormous benefits, which explains why it is the chief corporate proponent of that proposed regulatory expansion.

    Do no evil Google… Hah

    Google admits profiting from adverts for drugs, fake passports and illegal Olympic tickets

    Myth Versus Fact: Debunking Dishonest and Inaccurate Claims Against Congressional Legislation to Stop Online Piracy

    • OMGReally??

      Dude… do you think that is anyway enlightening?……

      Google monetizes ALL searches – and if you were to take a look at , you might have SOME idea of what you’re talking about.

      To say that Google’s motivation against SOPA is purely money is ludacris. Google is one of the biggest innovators in the world, and if it weren’t for Google, your internet experience would suck.

      Get your facts straight, stop pushing propaganda when you have no idea wtf you’re talking about.

      Paid torrent results barely make a drop in the Google’s bucket. Wisen up – the only thing motivated by cash money here is SOPA, which has no place in Congress.

      • Truly Concerned

        I strongly look forward to a time when a proponent of the bills is able to provide reasoning for why they should be passed, as well as address the concerns raised against it (which any solid arguement should be able to do).

        Instead, they spend most of their time trying to down-play the people raising the points, or just dismissing them entirely. Watching supporters from groups such as the copyright alliance say the bill is going after groups and sites that it doesn’t cover, as well as misunderstanding what even the supporters say is the goal, just makes this all more upsetting that it’s even being considered.

        Piracy is a problem. SOPA is NOT a valid solution (especially since most people who are doing the ‘pirating’ are going to be willing to type in an IP address).

  5. Will Ross

    Thanks for letting it slip that you’re losing! We weren’t sure we were having an effect, but this desperate, wheedling letter and “has caused a lot of people to contact Congress” let’s us know you’re on the ropes and to just push harder! Thanks for inside information.

    Go to to join the march for Internet Freedom, and let your Politicians know if they vote for this in January…

    They won’t have a job after November.

    Love and kisses,

    The Hyperbolic Internet!

  6. Sandman

    Huh? What media? That’s pretty vague considering these two bills have yet to see exposure on primetime TV news. But since all of the major networks are supporters of both bills its not surprising. Also the people who basically created today’s internet are just spouting hyperbole? Did Mr. Urie actually give any in-depth analysis concerning protester claims? No? Hmm. His message was pointless and desperate only fueling the protest. What a tool.

  7. Brandt Hardin

    Two frightening pieces of controversial legislation, SOPA and The NDAA only go to further stifle our Constitutional Rights without the approval of the Americans, just as the Patriot Act was adopted WITHOUT public approval or vote just weeks after the events of 9/11. A mere 3 criminal charges of terrorism a year are attributed to this act, which is mainly used for no-knock raids leading to drug-related arrests without proper cause for search and seizure. The laws are simply a means to spy on our own citizens and to detain and censor public opinion without trial or a right to council. You can read much more about living in this Orwellian society of fear and see my visual response to these measures on my artist’s blog at

  8. LookingForward

    “There has grown up in the minds of certain groups in this country the notion that because a man or corporation has made a profit out of the public for a number of years, the government and the courts are charged with the duty of guaranteeing such profit in the future, even in the face of changing circumstances and contrary to public interest. This strange doctrine is not supported by statute or common law. Neither individuals nor corporations have any right to come into court and ask that the clock of history be stopped, or turned back.”

    Robert Heinlein, Life-Line (1939)

  9. guest

    I guess I’m missing something. I’ve read the SOPA numerous times and still don’t understand how it will shut down the internet. Have any of you reddit users actually done research on this outside of what you’ve read in other user comments?

    How is the SOPA bad? It protects American business. Since when is copyright protection unimportant? The creativity you all love will suffer because of lack of protection. Why would people be willing to devote 12 hours or more a day to a creative project when it won’t put any bread on their table because some goof can download it on a torrent? Do you think people will keep pouring energy into perfecting songs? Nope, because they don’t have the time, they’ll have to spend at least some time during the week to make some $$, effectively decreasing the time spent on their creative projects and decreasing the quality of them.

    Now, honestly, why is that bad?

    Can someone explain why SOPA is bad and reference the language in the bill for me? Please? I honestly feel like I’m missing something here – please point this out to me?