32 Music Companies Have Publicly Supported SOPA. And 2 Have Opposed It…

Updated, Wednesday, 6:30 pm PCT: We’ve heard from a lot more music companies and organizations that are opposed to SOPA since this post; more here

Here’s a list of music companies that have taken public positions supporting SOPA.  That support frequently takes the form of open letters to various Congressional members or the media, a list tracked by non-profit Washington watchdog MapLight.org.  Among other things, MapLight tracks Congressional influence and contributions across a wide range of sectors and bills.

If you know of other music-specific groups publicly supporting or opposing SOPA that are not on this list, please let us know.  And thanks to proptone.com for the tip!


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American Association of Independent Music (A2IM)

American Federation of Musicians

American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA)

American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP)


Bose Corporation

Capitol Records Nashville

CBS Corporation

Christian Music Trade Association

Church Music Publishers Association

Church Music Trade Association

Country Music Television (CMT)


EMI Christian Music Group

EMI Music Publishing

Gospel Music Association

Lost Highway Records

MCA Records

Mercury Nashville

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)

National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA)

National Songwriters Association

Provident Music Group

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

Republic Nashville

UMG Publishing Group

Universal Music Group Inc.

Warner Music Group (WMG)

Warner Music Nashville

Word Entertainment

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The Hype Machine

21 Responses

  1. what?!

    The Hype Machine is a music company?

    What the hell is wrong with you, Digital Music News?

    • Martin

      Most definitely is. Office and several employees, and financials etc.

      The Hype Machine Inc.
      2165 Brigham Street # 3F
      Brooklyn, NY 11229

      It’s a division of Buzzmedia.

      Just like UMG is a division of Vivendi.

    • I would like to know

      How much money has Grooveshark paid to musicians in 2011?

      • HA

        Of course hypem and Grooveshark are against SOPA, both make their money off monetizing content illegally.

        HYPEM in a far less way than Grooveshark as many of the tracks are promo tracks.

  2. Mawnstr

    Short lived will be the Old Guard, no one wants the Pop-Machine dinosaur anymore.

    • James

      Sure. That’ll be why both the official charts and the torrent charts are currently filled with innovative DIY acts, then.

  3. David Allan

    I think what’s interesting is the companies that DO NOT appear on either list.

    Either they are indifferent, or SOPA is so polarizing that it’s bad PR either way.

  4. Concerned Citizen

    I don’t begrudge music publishers trying to protect their intellectual property but I don’t think this bill will get it done.

    This bill is too great a threat to a free Internet at a time when it is needed most. Our government is so corrupt and so owned by a few corporations that it is more likely to be used to shut down dissent.

    All Fascist states prefer tight control of media and ours is no different. The free Internet is the only thing standing between us and our corporate overlords.

    We’ve already seen how those Nazi bastards are abusing the Patriot Act and I’m sure their thirst for domination won’t stop here.

    Let the publishers figure out a different strategy that doesn’t endanger what little freedom is left in our society.

  5. ! Suprise !

    Grooveshark hunting a whistleblower

    Free speech and all that, you know…

  6. greg

    I’d rather customers pirate our music than take away their liberties. It seems silly that the music industry holds so dearly to this attempt at taking us back to the dark ages. We can find other ways to profit from making music.

  7. BandAid4U

    You can now add GOOGLE, WIKI, FACEBOOK and hundreds more who opposed it.

    The Wiki, Google and other blackouts are just over hyped hysteria to fool you into thinking certain freedoms will be lost…the only freedom at stake here are media creators (Music Composers, Writers, artists and Film and Software Makers) who have lost or will lose a way to make a profit by the Pirate Bays, YouTubes (Google) who make billions off thieves. Wiki Foundation gets millions from Google. Google has a powerful lobby in D.C., Think about it.

  8. @CrissiCochrane

    Here is a list of some music companies who want to make the internet suck. Thanks, guys.

  9. Broke Musician

    these same companies who now want us to feel sorry for them have controlled fm radio for years with strong arm tactics. musicians and artists who are lucky enough to be part of this machine rarely recieve a fair share of profits. these companies have screwed musicans and music listeners for so long they feel entitled to continue.

  10. @AltavozDistroCo

    If you look the music companies that suport SOPA are part of MultiNational Corporations, which all have been halliburtonizing USMADEMUSIC for the last 15 years, and to their credit they have gotten us to worry about millions and meanwhile they make billions as we entertain our economy to death.

    If you want to help US companies then support US exporting our music overseas instead of having it slip across our boarders and be made in some overseas plant and distributed all without paying any US taxes or roylalities.

    BuyINDIEsupportLOCALS.org is not just for veggies, milk and meat it’s your muisc too.