Good Morning! Clear Channel, Live Nation, Marimba-Gate, AEG, Wikipedia, Beats, Monster, Spotify, Grooveshark, Coachella, Ultra, EMI, LMFAO

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* Its charter goes beyond “just our transmitters and towers,” according to CEO John Hogan.

And with that, Clear Channel Radio has symbolically rebranded itself as ‘Clear Channel Media & Entertainment’.

* Live Nation has just hired former Warner Music International executive John Reid as President of Concerts in Europe.

* And, AEG is taking more baby-steps away from Ticketmaster.  The company recently deployed its homegrown Axs ticketing system in Kansas City, with broader transition plans for mega-venues like Staples Center over time.

* So who’s responsible for destroying a recent New York Philharmonic performance of Mahler’s Ninth with a blaring iPhone marimba ringtone?  An executive in his 60s has been identified, and confidentially expressed his remorse to the New York Times.  Turns out it was an alarm that superceded the ringer mute…

* Wikipedia is planning to go dark on Wednesday to protest SOPA and similar anti-piracy laws.

* Beats by Dre is now parting ways with Monster Cable Products, its longtime manufacturing and even design partner.  Beats controls the more important, celebrity-fueled component of this deal; the contract lapses later this year.

* Ditching Spotify because of usage restrictions on free accounts?  Sensing opportunity, ‘To Grooveshark’ lets users translate their playlists.  It works, but be warned: we gave it a try, and noticed a lot of failed matches.

* Coachella is now officially sold out, though we’ve heard some expensive camping passes are still be available.  Elsewhere, tickets for the Ultra Music Festival in Miami are also gone.

* EMI has just inked a global licensing deal with Stingray Digital, owner of the Karaoke Channel, Galaxie, and VOD-focused Concert TV.

* He who laughs last… LMFAO is now approaching a record for the most weeks on the Billboard 100; stay tuned.