Spotify Now Has 3 Million Paying Subscribers Worldwide

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The concern is that all this success comes at an unsustainable cost.

Spotify says scale will pay for it all.  “This is a healthy model.  As it scales it gets better for everybody,” Spotify chief content officer and US managing director Ken Parks just told the Financial Times.

And with that, Spotify has just passed 3 million paying subscribers, according to stats also shared with the FT.  The latest accomplishment is up from 1 million back in March, and 2 million in September, and Spotify now says 20 percent of its active userbase is paying.

Sounds great, though this leaves out the more flaky freemium users, and Spotify remains cagey on its overall, broader user numbers.  A quick calculation shows 15 million active users; the question is whether all the Facebook trialling and hype has created a much larger pool (‘active’ or otherwise).

Adding to the stats cloud, Spotify has declined to share US-based figures.  More as it emerges.