Midem 2012: What the Hell Are You Doing Here?

We’re giving away 100 euros in networking cash to a randomly-selected commenter.  Details below.  

Say what you will about MIDEM (and we have), this is still one of the best places for music industry networking.  And most MIDEM attendees aren’t sipping wine and philosophizing over foie gras, they’re scheduling back-to-back meetings, making serious deals, and flying home with more than just a stack of business cards.

So are you here?  And if so, what the hell are you doing here?  Please, introduce yourself and tell us what types of deals you’re striking, what you’re announcing, where you’re hanging out, a crazy survival tip, etc.  Or, if you’re not here, tell us why you’re skipping it this year.

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Oh, and hope to see you in person as well.

The 100 euros can be used for anything: a dealmaking dinner, drinks, or just to defray travel costs, even if you’re not at MIDEM.  Please just comment with a registered username, or clearly post your contact details and we’ll announce the winner after the event.