Music Funding Already Up 27% In 2012…

Music-related financing collapsed during the second-half of 2011, though maybe that was just a temporary tank. Because in the first month of 2012, music-focused companies grabbed an impressive $65.55 million in financing, a jump of more than 26.5 percent over January funding levels last year.

Soundcloud made it rain to the tune of $50 million, though Next Big Sound and Moontoast collectively contributed more than $12 million to the purse.  Here’s our funding tracker.

Actually, Soundcloud also helped to kick off 2011 with a nice, $10 million round, though a lot has grown since then.  Here’s the rundown from January, 2011…

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    no where near skewed at all i see? Take out Soundcloud and what do you get?
    this is AWFUL analysis

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    Hype, baby, hype

    It would be “music funding” if the investment was towards indie artists, record labels, manufacturing e.t.c.