MegaUpload Bodyguard: ‘If Two Guys In Suits Had Shown Up, Kim Dotcom Would Have Complied…’

Kim Dotcom
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The FBI got their man.

But why were dozens of armed officers, elite anti-terrorist soldiers, two choppers, assault rifles, dogs, pistols, sledgehammers, and even a circular chainsaw required to capture and detain an overweight, non-violent computer geek?

This may have little to do with the actual physical threats posed by someone by Kim Dotcom, and everything to do with mounting a highly-visible, intimidating anti-piracy crackdown.  In fact, in the blowup following the raid, it now turns out that a single police officer actually visited and entered the Dotcom mansion one day earlier, on a separate concern.

> New Zealand-based 3News reporter:  “If two men in suits had knocked on the door and presented you with the warrant, instead of all the guns, and all the kicking down the doors and sledgehammers and all that kind of stuff, what would have happened?”

> Kim Dotcom Bodyguard: “He would have complied to everything, we would have sat at the large table.  He would probably have served them breakfast, he would have complied with everything.  There’s no question.”

Instead, according to the bodyguard, Dotcom followed a pre-arranged emergency procedure that involved locking himself in a secure ‘red room’.  Theoretically, a high-profile person like Dotcom could be subject to attacks from a number of different criminal groups, which is why the plan was created.  And in the confusion immediately following the raid, Dotcom followed the pre-arranged plan ‘to the letter’.

According to the recently-filmed walkthrough, that secured room did contain a shotgun, though the bodyguard claims it was not even close to being accessed.  In fact, that was one of two registered shotguns in the house, though the broader concern – as expressed by authorities – was that Dotcom would quickly destroy evidence upon learning of warrants and planned arrests.

Whether that justifies the extreme show-of-force is questionable, but that may be a red herring.  Because the highly-publicized raid has already had an ongoing and strong psychological ripple-effect on the space.  “Kim Dotcom was flamboyant, he was out there, he was an easy target,” the bodyguard said.  “I think the Americans wanted to go hard-and-fast to send a message worldwide.”