What Else? UMG+EMI, Pirate Bay, Lefsetz, Kobalt, DigSin, MC5, Hadopi, Foxconn

As the castles crumble, does it really matter if UMG merges with EMI, anyway?

YES, according to groups like Impala and now the Future of Music Coalition, which are actively lobbying on both sides of the Atlantic against the tie-up.  Meanwhile, the labels have formally submitted their request to the European Commission, which pegged March 23rd as an approval date.  US submissions happened two months ago, according to details shared by Impala.

The Pirate Bay could soon be blocked in the UK, thanks to a High Court ruling against the torrent giant.  TPB was found to be ‘inciting’ or ‘persuading’ infringement, though future rulings will determine if ISPs must block access.

So who IS Bob Lefsetz, anyway?  If you haven’t already, indulge in this deep Wired profile.

Kobalt Music Group has just named Pete Dodge as General Manager & VP of its Artist and Label Services division.

DigSin has just pushed its latest single, Bronze Radio Return’s “Wonder No More.” Subscribe at digsin.com.

Piracy does not have a negligible impact on box office attendance, according to a recently released study from Wellesley and University of Minnesota researchers.  But there is a noticeable impact when movies are delayed prior to international release.

MC5 bassist Michael Davis passed away over the weekend.

French anti-piracy agency Hadopi has now sent its first batch of repeat violators to federal prosecutors.  More than 800,000 first-round letters were mailed, though it looks like just 100-something made the third round.  Proponents are pointing to that incredibly thin third-stage to show the effectiveness of the measure.

ABC’s ‘Nightline’ has been granted exclusive access to Foxconn facilities in China, with an air date of Tuesday night.  “After this trip, I’ll never see an Apple product the same way again,” reporter Bill Weir said in a teaser clip.

3 Responses

  1. www.HumanFankind.com

    The suits think that making piracy harder is the answer, but I fear that neglecting the preference of their artists’ fans will tear apart the music industry as a whole and move from large labels to sites like Bandcamp and http://www.HumanFankind.com.

  2. Jen Jameson

    Nice job, Bill Weir of ABC, for promoting Apple-hating. Foxconn makes chips for numerous other brands. Doesn’t sound like professional reporting to me.

    • paul

      I’m going reserve judgment until I see the actual show tonight, because for all we know this is pro-Apple, soft treatment. After all, Foxconn/Apple opened their doors to ABC, which could come with conditions.