Motorhead: Please Don’t Buy Our $600 Box Set

That’s right, the Complete Early Years Box Set (Limited Collectors’ Edition) from Motorhead is retailing for more than $600, according to details shared by the band late last night.

This is a 15-disc set filled with lots of plastic, posters, and extras, but no new musical material.  And knowing this band, there are die-hard collectors that have already ordered this, with a smile.

At this early stage, we’re not exactly sure where the box set will be retailing, and in what quantities (it looks like there’s a Japanese tie-in or import, but still getting details on that).  We did find this on Amazon early this morning for $644, with none available.  And we do know that today is the day the set officially goes on sale, according to the band’s representatives.

And the reason why Motorhead told us about this?  Because they’re totally pissed about it!  “Unfortunately greed once again rears its yapping head,” Lemmy Kilmister stated. “I would advise against it even for the most rabid completists!”

The only problem is that Motorhead didn’t get a vote on this one, since they don’t own or control the recordings in question. The ‘Early Years’ bundle includes a compendium of early albums, starting with their self-titled debut and pushing through ‘No Remorse.’  And, a smattering of singles sprinkled on top.  Toss in a few posters, a photo book, some pins, concert program replicas and a plastic skull with red light-up eyes, and you get the overloaded idea.

But wait: haven’t we seen this strange scenario before?  Actually, yes: just a few months ago, Elvis Costello launched a ‘steal my album’ campaign to discourage fans from buying his own high-priced collection.  But the Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook box set was just over $200, making it financial childs’ play in comparison.

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There’s another huge difference: Motorhead is definitely not telling their fans to steal this $600 monstrosity. But they are offering an alternative: the group just released The World Is Yours, along with a companion DVD release.  That’s new stuff, without all the plastic.  “The band hopes fans will choose these new releases over this outrageously expensive box set.”

Here’s the tracklisting of box set discs…

Disc 1 – Motörhead (1977) 
‘Lost Johnny’
‘Iron Horse / Born To Lose’
‘White Line Fever’
‘Keep Us On The Road’
‘The Watcher’
‘The Train Kept A-Rollin’

Disc 2 – Beer Drinkers And Hellraisers (1977) 
‘Beer Drinkers And Hellraisers’
‘On Parole’
‘I’m Your Witchdoctor’

Disc 3 – Overkill (1979)
‘Stay Clean’
‘(I Won’t) Pay Your Price’
‘I’ll Be Your Sister’
‘No Class’
‘Damage Case’
‘Tear Ya Down’
‘Limb From Limb’

Disc 4 – Louie Louie (1978) 
‘Louie Louie’
‘Tear Ya Down’

Disc 5 – Bomber (1979) 
‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’
‘Sweet Revenge’
‘Stone Dead Forever’
‘All The Aces’
‘Step Down’
‘Talking Head’

Disc 6 – Golden Years EP (1980) 
‘Leaving Here’ (Live)
‘Stone Dead Forever’ (Live)
‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ (Live)
‘Too Late Too Late’ (Live)

Disc 7 – Ace Of Spades (1980) 
‘Ace Of Spades’
‘Love Me Like A Reptile’
‘Shoot You In The Back’
‘Live To Win’
‘Fast And Loose’
‘(We Are) The Roadcrew’
‘Fire Fire’
‘Bite The Bullet’
‘The Chase Is Better Than The Catch’
‘The Hammer’

Disc 8 – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (EP) (1980) 
‘Please Don’t Touch’

Disc 9 – No Sleep Till Hammersmith (1981) 
‘Ace Of Spades’
‘Stay Clean’
‘The Hammer’
‘Iron Horse – Born To Lose’
‘No Class’
‘(We Are) The Roadcrew’

Disc 10 – Iron Fist (1982) 
‘Iron Fist’
‘Heart Of Stone’
‘I’m The Doctor’
‘Go To Hell’
‘Sex And Outrage’
‘Shut It Down’
‘(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind You Down’
‘(Don’t Need) No Religion’
‘Bang To Rights’

Disc 11 – Stand By Your Man EP (1982) 
‘Stand By Your Man’
‘No Class’

Disc 12 – Another Perfect Day (1983) 
‘Back At The Funny Farm’
‘Dancing On Your Grave’
‘Rock It’
‘One Track Mind’
‘Another Perfect Day’
‘Marching Off To War’
‘I Got Mine’
‘Tales Of Glory’
‘Die You Bastard!’

Disc 13 – Shine (1983) 
‘(I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man’ (Live)
‘(Don’t Need) Religion’ (Live)

Disc 14 – No Remorse (1984): Parts 1 and 2 
‘Ace Of Spades’
‘Stay Clean’
‘Too Late, Too Late’
‘Killed By Death’
‘Iron Fist’
‘Dancing On Your Grave’
‘Please Don’t Touch’
‘Stone Dead Forever’
‘Like A Nightmare’
‘Steal Your Face’
‘Louie Louie’
‘No Class’
‘Iron Horse’
‘(We Are) The Roadcrew’
‘Leaving Here (Live)’

Disc 15 – Killed By Death (1984) 
‘Killed By Death’
‘Under The Knife’

12 Responses

  1. Jeff

    Why is this even news? If Motorhead doesn’t own these rights, why can’t the owner do whatever they want? and price the product however they want?

    • Yves Villeneuve

      The Motorhead brand name is on those products. They don’t want to be known as rip-off artists therefore they are rightfully voicing their concerns.

        • Visitor

          …kind of a prerequisite for a lot of “record deals”.. especially back then…

        • anonymous

          They likely didn’t have a choice when signing the record contract. You really have to sell your soul to major labels when you sign a contract.

  2. Jeff

    ….but I bet they spent their advance. Making a deal with the devil and complaining later is not newsworthy…….

    • stfu jeff

      why did you read it then fgt?

      its news because lemmy said it.

      and its about music.

      stop being disagreeable you yellow Sh*tstorm

    • Jeff the Exec

      Jeff is just pissed because he’s the record exec that wants us to pay $600 for shite. Nice try record label executive Jeff

    • Animal


      I’m typing this slowly, because I know you can’t read very fast…

      You are a fucking idiot

    • bigyaz

      “Hey, don’t buy that old, overpriced stuff that we don’t have rights to and thus won’t profit from! Buy this shiny new crap so we can get the royalties!”

  3. Jeff

    Actually, I’m the attorney who tells artists to know what they are signing so they don’t complain later that someone smarter than them took advantage of them.