What Else? Radiohead, Ticketmaster, Turntable.fm, Pandora, DirecTV, DOJ, Apple, CXCW, Sony

Radiohead has an unexpected ally in its fight against secondary ticketing.

That is, Ticketmaster, which will employ paperless ticketing on three, upcoming UK dates. Roughly 80 percent of venue seats will be handled by Ticketmaster, and buyers are prohibited from resale, must show ID at the door, and cannot purchase more than four tickets.  All of that follows a major tie-up with the Ticket Trust to seriously limit scalping.

Too little, too late? Turntable.fm has inked a licensing deal with EMI, according to C|Net.  Both Sony and UMG are close, though territory specfics as well as details related to Warner Music are cloudy.

Pandora is now integrated into DirecTV consoles, specifically connected HD DVRs.

Sound famliar?  Department of Justice (DOJ) regulators have accused Apple and several top publishers of collusive pricing, according to the Wall Street Journal.  If issues aren’t resolved, a government lawsuit would be next.

There are now more than 100 million smartphone subscribers in the US, according to January stats from comScore.

Not going to SXSW?  Then you might want to check out CXCW, or ‘Couch by Couchwest,’ at home.  The action’s right where you’re sitting, or at #CXCW.

And, there’s an early breakthrough on the digital sales v. licensing front.  Sony Music has offered to settle a class action claim led by the Allman Brothers, Cheap Trick, and the Youngbloods related to digital payouts. Specifically, whether royalties should be paid as ‘sales’ or ‘licenses,’ the latter of which is much higher.  The settlement amount is nearly $8 million, and subject to court approval.

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