Reporter Accidentally Grills Bono Impersonator Over Tax Evasion, Hypocrisy

This is how Bono might react to some very tough questions about tax evasion and political hypocrisy.

Throughout, Breitbart reporter Jason Mattera thinks he’s grilling the actual Bono, though onlookers quickly started asking the right questions.  The video has since been retracted from and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

6 Responses

  1. toolow

    Kinda funny. And kinda easy to tell that wasn’t Bono (the real Bono isn’t so tight lipped, for instance ;-).

    There are legitimate reasons to chide U2 for moving their company to a tax haven. But I doubt Ireland has much in the way of a program to combat African poverty (the focus of Mattera’s hectoring).

  2. Ed Gertler

    If Brietbart’s organization is involved, you know it’s been edited to present the content in the worst possible light. If Beck’s involved, you know it’s a lie.