Huh? Avicii Tickets Were Getting Scalped ― Before the On-Sale Date

But wait: isn’t the ‘aftermarket’ where tickets are bought-and-sold ‘after’ they go on sale?

Not for Avicii, where tickets were showing up at 4 times the price ahead of the weekend – despite being unavailable to first-run purchasers.

Looks like another classic end-around or shady ‘pre-allocation,’ where the game begins in the marked-up aftermarket. And where the ultimate ticket price bears little resemblance to the original list. A bulk of the tickets for the upcoming, North American Avicii tour start going on sale today (Monday), with a number of markets already on sale ahead of the weekend. Goldenvoice is promoting the tour, and Ticketmaster is handling the ticketing. In terms of cost, tickets were announced to be in the $27-$47 range.

Sounds affordable – that is, if you can actually find a ticket in that range. Here’s what happened on Friday (the 23rd) if you tried to purchase a ticket to the opening date in Houston (Reliant Arena), technically available to the public today (the 26th).