What Else? Guvera, MegaUpload, UMG, Hertz, Sony/ATV, Google, HFA

Who says Pandora (P), Napster (delisted), The Orchard (delisted), Live Nation (LYV), and Warner Music Group (delisted) get to have all the fun?

Now, Guvera is planning a mid-2013 IPO according to reports, and tapping former Warner and Virgin Records exec Phil Quartararo to help finalize at least one remaining major label licensing deal.  Guvera’s an ad-supported model, and also apparently chasing an additional $50 million in ‘private placement’ cash…

The US Government can be so demanding.  MegaUpload lawyers now have decided to drop their lawsuit against Universal Music Group over the YouTube yankdown of the ‘MegaUpload Song.’ The move will allow Mega’s legal team to focus on the more serious criminal case – against the United States.  “The sham takedown notice case will be dismissed without prejudice,” MegaUpload attorney Ira Rothken told TorrentFreak.

That’s good news for those caught in the takedown imbroglio, including power-barrister Ken Hertz and his client, will.i.am.  It’s also an adrenaline shot for Universal Music Group lawyers, who sources say are now ‘ferociously determined’ to saddle mass-scale infringers with ‘bankrupting personal fines,’ heavy prison terms, or both – and that goes beyond top-level operators and into employee ranks.  “They want to pick up right where they left off with Limewire, and go after individuals,” one connected executive told Digital Music News.  “They want to make entrepreneurs think very carefully about f–king with their copyrights.”

Alrighty then.  In other news… Sony/ATV Music Publishing has just named Rob Wiesenthal as President of International.  And above that, Michael Lynton has officially been named CEO of Sony Corp. of America, with Nicole Seligman appointed President.  Sony Music CEO Doug Morris and Sony/ATV Chairman & CEO will both report into Lynton.

And, Google has just tapped the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) to handle certain music-related licensing and administration services for Google Play.

And oh yeah: Facebook‘s drop-dead transition to Timeline happens Friday (ie, today, March 30th) at 11am PCT.  Separately, ReverbNation has just updated its Facebook-focused Promote It advertising platform to include performance comparisons to other genre artists.