Tupac Has Released Three Times As Many Albums Dead as Alive

Exploitative much?

According to stats from All Music Guide (allmusic.com), Tupac Shakur ‘released’ three times as many albums after his death than before.

The posthumous math looks something like this. Prior to his tragic passing in 1996, the rapper had released 5 albums.  After his death, Tupac released 15 albums and counting, a number that doesn’t count the endless compilations, remixes, singles, and other releases.  Even beyond this, we’ve seen other albums – including Pac’s Life in 2006 – floating around.


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The 2Pac gravy train isn’t limited to albums.  On Tuesday, news of a possible Tupac hologram tour emerged.  “Dre has a big vision for this,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

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4 Responses

  1. JacksonL

    SHAME Coachella. We need a holographic Benjamin Franklin while we’re at it.

    Such crass exploitation, yes folks here it is for everyone to see. And why do we applaud it? Let this man rest.

    • roy

      Why is it a shame… his mother had to sign off on it… and it was Dre who was co-ceo-ish at Death Row that took him in after his jail stint…

      Futhermore, Why people are ripping a great idea/concept, why not marvel at technology and this will do for the projection industry…

      I’m sure it will equate to what the iPhone did for Smartphones…

      yea, you had “smart phones” but when the iPhone hit the stage…it made everyone step their game up and put on their thinking cap….

      Now our phones are better than most of our parents current computers…lol

      we may see “true” obi wan hologram very soon…

      Unfortunately you’ll see a lot of projection tribute crap in between… hahaha