What Else? NAB, Price, Swizz, Sainsbury’s, Palmer, Sirius, Mintz

Congressmen Darrell Issa and Mike Quigley are now investigating potentially improper radio ad placements, particularly as they relate to the FM chip and Performance Rights Act.

The issue is whether these stations met their disclosure requirements given the political nature of the campaigns; the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) claims no impropriety.

Tunecore CEO Jeff Price was the focus of a New York Times piece by Ben Sisario this weekend, with particular focus on the pros-and-cons of an aggressive and outspoken executive style.

If you’re not embracing technology, you’re just being greedy.  Tha was the message relayed by (ex-Megaupload CEO) Swizz Beatz in a recent interview with MTV.  Beatz called out ’80 years plus’ executives that are completely disconnected from digital reality.  “They don’t even know how to operate an iPad, and they’re making decisions on the younger generation’s future,” the rapper, producer and entrepreneur said.

Amanda Palmer‘s record-setting Kickstarter campaign now stands at nearly $575,000, with a full 24 days to go.

British supermarket Sainsbury‘s has just launched a music download store.  The MP3 store offers 2.3 million songs, has considerable loyalty tie-ins, and is available on the Sainbury Entertainment hub.

A strange power-battle could be emerging at Sirius XM Radio.  John Malone’s Liberty Media has made an application to the FCC to assume ownership control, a bid that was rejected.  “Specifically Liberty Media was unable to obtain the passwords, signatures and other necessary information from Sirius to properly file an electronic transfer of control application,” the FCC replied.

Industry attorney, manager and label executive Alan Mintz has passed away at just 57.  Mintz suffered from acute myelogenous leukemia; the passing was confirmed by Billboard.