Thanks? Live Nation Slashes Domestic Beer Prices to $4

Thank you Live Nation, may I purchase another?

Just in time for the summertime concert season, Live Nation Entertainment has drastically chopped the price of 12 oz., domestic beers to “just” $4.  This is limited to beers like Budweister and Coors Light, and doesn’t apply to venues in Houston or Toronto.  “Fans will see the introduction of new food and beverage options, including $4 domestic draft beer in most Live Nation Amphitheaters, and local food trucks and local food vendors in select venues,” the company told Digital Music News.

Pricing on imports, on the other hand, will probably remain outlandish.  Which means, you may start seeing menus like this.

13 Responses

  1. wordupmagazine

    YES! $4 is like rear-ending you instead of totaling your car! THanks Live Nation for blessing us with these discounts.

  2. Idaho_89

    Why people go to 1.5 shows a year

    (1) Beers cost $12

    (2) Beers costing $4 are suddenly a “favor”

    (3) Either way you drink beer in the parking lot to save $

    (4) Cops sometimes arrest people in parking lots for drinking beer

    (5) You pay $20 to park, so you can then drink your beer while you hear the music coming out of the venue

    (6) You lose your buzz inside the venue

    (7) You say, Uncle! I’ll buy a beer! Then the line is so long you miss your favorite song. ANd get separated from your friends

    (8) You are sober the entire show

    (9) You see a rich guy buying $13 beers for his hot girlfriend and his good looking friends and feel jealous

    (10) Your girlfriend says, ‘hey we should get a beer’ and you wonder if you have enough gas money to get everyone home

  3. Broctagonally

    This means more DUIs.

    Which means that Live Nation probably made a deal with local police to get a cut of those revenues.

    So they make more than if they charged $13

      • TheFuturist

        Gareth, why don’t you stop drinking like a tard? Don’t you know it damages your liver and also lower’s your lifespan?

  4. @Sonicbids

    This is great news on the ticketing front.

  5. @plugola

    I’m glad they focused on what’s important

  6. @heatherbadower

    Finally – livenation brings on the cheap beer! How about $4 ticket fees now? No?

  7. @DoofRooRoo

    I’d be happier if they slashed service charges.

  8. @juniorambeau

    Got excited until I read not in TO…