Sony Music Entertainment: The Largest Record Label In the World

That’s according to the latest marketshare tallies from Nielsen Soundscan, for the most recent week.

And in the ‘mine is bigger than yours’ world of the major label, this means everything.  Here are the most-recent marketshare breakdowns, shared with Digital Music News by a gloating major label exec.

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So who cares, exactly?  Extremely-competitive (and overpaid) major label executives who place a disproportionately large amount of emphasis on marketshare – that’s who.  Like Sony Music chairman Doug Morris, whose merry band of Avengers are sticking it to their former employer, UMG.

But this isn’t a one-week phenomenon, by any stretch.  It’s been a dogfight in 2012, though the trend appears to be shifting towards Sony leadership.  That is, against UMG alone: according to insiders, Sony’s marketshare challenge was a major motivation for Universal’s planned acquisition of EMI.  The buyout would easily put UMG on top of the roost, that is, if it passes regulatory muster.

And, if UMG can ultimately afford it.

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7 Responses

  1. Not the World

    Nielsen SoundScan does not track sales across the entire world.

    • paul

      right! I may be unfairly making US-based data a worldwide proxy.


      • Visitor

        nielson does, but you’d have to subscribe to those services as well – it would be great if they offered a single global subscription service and/or weekly report based on all the territories they report from…

  2. @unicum_music

    La guerre des PDM chez les majors fait rage.