What Else? Pandora, EDMbiz, Shaker, Jakprints, VEVO, Facebook, Airtime

It’s becoming a financial quagmire: Pandora (P) just posted wider quarterly losses on bigger revenues, thanks to aggressive licensing costs and continued scaling difficulties.

Net losses more than doubled to $20.2 million on revenues of more than $80 million, though shares elevated on the better-than-expected news and improved guidance.  Wall Street remains skeptical on whether this is a long-term ‘thumbs up…’

EDC is easily the largest dance and electronica extravaganza known to music fan.  Which makes EDMbiz a potentially potent force in the conference world.  The event – scheduled just before the next EDC in Vegas – kicks off June 5th at the Cosmopolitan.  Just-added attendees include Live Nation CEO Michael RapinoPerry Farrell, Ultra president Patrick Moxey and Junkie XL, the latest add-ons to a veritable who’s who event.  More at edmbiz.com.

Around that time, expect a splash from Shaker, a heavily-funded (and hyped) start-up that involves Live Nation and BandPage, according to TechCrunch.  The more animated, gamified social hangout will use music as a glue; Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter and Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun are among the semi-celebrity investors.

It’s fitting… merchandising authority Jakprints and Digital Music News are about to embark on a major collaborative partnership.  This is a broad-reaching relationship, and includes all sorts of merchandising-focused pieces and research efforts designed to broaden industry know-how.  We’re just starting, so please tell us what we should be focusing on, and the questions we need to help answer – it’s a blank (high quality, of course) canvass at this point…

Does VEVO really want to splash around in shark-infested IPO waters?  Facebook (FB) is floundering underwater, which means VEVO might be bloody, fresh bait.  But it depends who’s talking here: Sky News says discussions involving Allen & Co. have focused on a possible IPO; the Financial Times says the meetings happened, though the focus was on attracting new investment, not going public.  VEVO is controlled by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, with Abu Dhabi Media holding a smaller stake.

And, speaking of Facebook, there’s good news: the stock didn’t freefall plunge in Wednesday trading.  Instead, shares stabilized at the sub-strike $32 after a mild day-over-day gain.

Napster cofounders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker have just rallied a $25 million Series B for Airtime, the as-yet-unlaunched startup with a blurry description.  The investor list features plenty of huge names; Airtime promises a social media concept that involves a streaming video component.  Airtime is slated to exit stealth mode June 5th.

It was a soggy week on the charts.  Adam Lambert’Trespassing was the top-ranked album with US-based sales just pushing past 77,000, according to Nielsen Soundscan.  That edged out Adele‘s 21, which shifted roughly 63,000 units.