These Are the Most Popular Music Software Packages Right Now

The following ranking comes from music software (DAW) specialist Digital Music Doctor.

Throughout the year, the company has been scanning roughly one-hundred search terms related to 15 music software packages.  And this is what they interpolated on broader demand.

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This isn’t based on actual sales data, though search traffic arguably offers a rough approximation of demand.  “This index is based on a quarterly moving average of annual internet search activity on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL,” the company explains.  “Collectively these four search engines represent approximately 95 percent of searches on the internet.”

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  1. Visitor

    The following ranking comes from music software (DAW) specialist Digital Music Doctor.  

    • Jeff Robinson

      Reason isn’t a recording program, it’s a midi sequencing program. Propellorheads does have a recording program simply called ‘Record’. fyi

      • Mats

        Reason is the single name now since PH dropped the Record namne.

      • Jose

        Since Version 6.0 Reason is full DAW with Audio recording, TCE, MIDI sequencing, etc. and in version 6.5 will include 3rd party plug in support

  2. Duder

    I’d be interested in seeing FL studio sales data since the “bedroom producer” boom. i assume it’s skyrocketed over the past few years.

  3. Versus

    Where can actual sales data be viewed?

    Also a breakdown of professional vs amateur would be interesting.

    – V

  4. lance lovepump


    are the searches filtered by update anounces and newly released updates that also includes a lot of bugs?

    what kind of methodoligy is this? you say apple i eat peaches 😀

  5. Jeff Robinson

    From the Musician/Engineer Survey 2009:


  6. AJ

    It’s interesting to see the disparity in “what musicians use” compared to studios. I’ve been using Logic Pro for as long as I’ve had a Mac, mostly because it does everything I need and is cheaper than the defacto pro standard, ProTools, but I was quite surprised to see how low it was on the list.

    And strangely, no SchismTracker? Still make the bulk of my beats with this. 😉

  7. MastaDon

    I see FL Studio making a bigger move over Pro Tools because it doesn’t require you to have an Mbox to use it to its fullest!

  8. jose

    First Pro Tools since version 9 it does not require an Avid interface to work, in fact it can run with the built in interface on mac.

    Secod, FL studio is only for PC and is the easiest to crack on the market, so that´s the main reason here. not that musicians really prefer FL Studio.

  9. Steve Phillips

    I was looking for Reaper in the list but it isn’t there. It does appear in the other list that is linked to.

    I’m not sure the measurement makes sense. For example a lot of searching could occur because a product is difficult to use or has a lot of bugs.

  10. @jblogg

    As a long time Cubase fan, I was surprised to see how few musicians use it!

  11. @EasyLogicPro

    This is a bit of a surprise… apparently we even stepped up one position this year!