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No hard feelings?

Paul McCartney is now tip-toeing back onto Spotify, with tracks mastered for streaming.  The ‘first official album release’ is RAM; others will probably trickle in over time.

A corrective backlash has emerged following outlandish reports of a $72 trillion demand against Limewire.  Maybe the RIAA had it coming: back in 2011, a federal judge rejected demands for full, $150,000-per-track infringement penalties, an ‘absurd’ math exercise that quickly shot into the trillions.  Perhaps lawyers always play the extremes; the ultimate damages award was $105 million (with an ‘m’).

Time for some journo-beef!  It’s Billboard versus the New York Post, and the topic?  Major label marketshare.  “If the media wants to write about the possibility of Sony Music Entertainment overtaking Universal Music Group in US marketshare rankings, maybe they should have done so when Sony actually accomplished that feat back in March, as detailed in Billboard’s April 14th issue,” Ed Christman salted, while brusquely linking to this Post piece on the matter.  Snap!

M.I.A. has just inked with Roc Nation Management, according to the company.

On Wall Street, the Facebook fallout is just getting started (so grab some popcorn, if you can still afford it).  Major heat continues to surround Nasdaq, especially as millions of inexperienced retail investors wonder where their college tuition savings went.  Brokers like Scottrade are distancing themselves from the drama; shares posted a mild uptick to $33 in Thursday trading.

And, Pandora (P) is riding a midweek trading boost, thanks to better-than-expected earnings.  Let’s see when the thrill fades: the financial story on this company is still soggy; shares landed at $11.60 on Thursday after a near-13 percent daily gain.

A million means nothing in India, but 10.5 million could be the start of something (maybe).  That’s the monthly active user tally for Dhingana, which makes it the largest streaming music service for Indian content, according to the company.

And, Tape.tv just rallied a very healthy, $6.5 million Series B, according to TechCrunch.  The concept is best described as Pandora for music videos, and so far, most of the action has been in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

…Walt Disney

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    Don’t post your crappy music on here, this is not the avenue to do this, do it on FB, or somewhere else. Obviously you do not understand the platform and responses. It’s like going to Dennys to set up a live peformance for you band, no one cares, they just want their Grand Slam. We just want our news, we will find our music elsewhere.