One Year Ago, Spotify Launched In the United States…

Spotify first landed in the US on July 14th, 2011, which means this Saturday will mark its one year anniversary in the States.  So how’s it doing?  Here’s a look at a few metrics, based on information pulled from Spotify, leaks, and analyst estimates.

I. Paid Subscribers (US)

July 14, 2011: 0

July 14, 2012: ~800,000 (est.)*

II. Active Users (US)

July 14, 2011: 0

July 14, 2012: ~4 million (est.)*

(note: year one expectation set by Spotify: 50 million users)

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III. Limitations on Free Plays (US)

July 14, 2011: unlimited (w/ ads)

July 14, 2012: unlimited (w/ ads)

IV. Funding Situation

July 14, 2011: ~$200 mm.

July 14, 2012: ~$300-$400 mm. expected.

V. Active Users (Worldwide)

July 14, 2011: ‘more than 10 million’**

July 14, 2012: ‘more than 10 million’**

VI. Subscribers (Worldwide)

July 14, 2011: 1.6 million (per Spotify).

July 14, 2012: 3 million (latest per Spotify, early June)

VI. Other notable developments.

App suite launch.

Black Keys holdout.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arcade Fire licensing.

Heavy windowing by Coldplay, Adele, others.

Discovery of ‘evil tracking cookie’

Launch of free, Pandora-like Radio tier.

Coca-Cola partnership.

Sector sell-offs: MOG, we7 sold at modest valuations.

iCloud growth continues.

*estimates based on April leaks, straight-lined into July.

**per Spotify figures in both cases, in July, 2011, and last updated in May.  Most feel this is intentionally low-balled.